When to seal your pavers 

Whether it’s your patio, driveway or pool, sealing your new pavers is a very beneficial and important part of your paver project. 

Reason 1.  A quality sealant helps you maintain the look of your property.

Reason 2.  The sealant will help bond the sand and pavers together, adding longevity.

Reason 3.  A quality sealant will help retard the growth of weeds and mold.

Some experts say it’s ok to seal the pavers right after installation.  This expert says wait a few weeks, keep an eye out for efflorescence.  Efflorescence or “efflo” is a white salt that leeches out of the paver due to moisture.    

How many coats?

A high quality sealant will require 2 coats.  There are contractors out there who will increase the warrantee time if they apply a third coat.  A lower quality sealant may have that effect.  My company will not have that policy.  Quality installation and product will only require 2 coats.  A third will be redundant and unnecessary