before showerafter shower




This project was quite a challenge. The shower stall had seen better days. Steam cleaning was applied and then the old caulking was removed prior to applying color-seal.

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This a stunning project and one of my favorites. This floor was an office in a Catholic Church. The floor is over 100 years old and was installed one small tile at a time!  Previous church leadership installed carpet on top of this beautiful marble tiled floor!  All that brown stuff was carpet glue. I used a floor machine to scrub and then extracted the dirt with my truck-mounted steam machine.



This is a typical project. After years of improper cleaning the grout got dirty.  The floor was steam cleaned and then the grout was color-sealed to blend in with the tile making the floor look new again!




This is my daughter “miss mess”.  The floor had previously been color-sealed. The juice did not penetrate the grout. The paper towel soaked it right up! No stains or evidence of her mishap!




This driveway was faded from years in the Florida sun. After a steam cleaning, two coats of silicon sealant enhancer was applied. This product keeps stone looking new for 4 to 6 years.  AMAZING!

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