Customers are often frustrated or even angry at the state of their tile in their showers when I see them. They are unsure how after just a few short months, the shower tile looks old, dirty and worse, moldy. And it is understandable. You pay good money for a bathroom renovation, or a tile or grout replacement and it seems wasted money when you see it tarnish so quickly.  Here’s my tip for those wanting to get a longer life out of their shower tile.

Dry your shower walls after using it.

Seems simple, but it is the most effective way to keep you shower tile sparkly new. The three main things that cause your shower to look dirty are:

  • Minerals in your water
  • Your soaps and shampoos
  • Mold and mildew

When you wipe your shower with a towel, squeegee or other after you shower, you take care of all of those tarnishing elements in just one swipe. And doing this right after your shower means it is still hot, so the soaps and minerals clean up easily.  I’ve been doing this in my shower after each use, and after two plus years it still looks brand new.

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