After years of frustrating results with different products that either don’t work or are so hazardous that it will “make your catch fire”, I have come up with a technique that is friendly to the surrounding vegetation and pond and lakes!  

Not only is it friendly,  it also more effective, making the surface like new again!  It has taken me a lot of time and money to figure out.. To find out how, you need to hire me!

Introducing…..the Grout Guy blog! “The Art of the Seal” aims to provide you tips and tricks on keeping your tile, stone and grout lasting longer, looking better, and staying clean and fresh.

By way of introduction, let me share a little information about myself. 

After growing up in NH, I enlisted in the Navy for 6 years. I was a SeaBee and was deployed on various missions including Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After the military, I worked in construction in the southern California area installing tile and remodeling homes, and met my wife, Jennifer. After living in CA for a while, we moved back to my hometown in NH and began to raise a family. 

A friend and colleague of mine ran a grout cleaning business out of Arizona. It intrigued me to be able to use my skills in construction and building to provide a service that everyday homeowners could appreciate. After flying to AZ for training, I learned the manual labor involved in the work, and after doing it that way for some time, found ways to scale and machine-drive much of the labor. As a result, I now have a state-of-the-art truck mounted steam cleaning system that allows me to do big jobs.

Starting the business in NH back in 2001, I proved what everyone said to be wrong. “There’s not enough tile in this area.” “No one will want to have work done in the winter.” I heard these things time and again, yet for almost 15 years, I worked full time to service clients in the NH and MA area and built a thriving business. Then I realized NH winters were….tough.  So in 2015, we picked up and moved to Florida.

Seeing the faces of clients when they see a project completed if extremely gratifying. Their eyes light up and they smile with delight. Few jobs provide you the pleasure of seeing satisfaction and happiness on someone’s face when a job is done. 

So with that, I hope you know a bit about me, my work and my values. I take the time to figure an appropriate solution for each situation, and custom mix colors. It takes a bit of time, but the results are worth it. I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you create a floor space that is beautiful, easy to maintain, and lasts for years.